09.05.2019, 08:34
Всем здравствуйте, есть атс hipath4000 с платой TMANI, с города приходит 2 проводной аналоговый телефон,не работает определитель, подскажите пожалуйста что можно сделать.

09.05.2019, 18:25
Мы сегодня пьем, праздник, а что в поиске нашел?! :D

10.05.2019, 08:33
Мы сегодня пьем, праздник, а что в поиске нашел?! :D
я извиняюсь, всех с праздником, в поиске не нашел ничего подходящего.

20.05.2019, 02:19
Для работы с данной платой и городской сетью необходимо узнать у ГТС ее возможности для этого. Для справки немного из жизни TMANI:

Short Description of the TMANI Analog Trunk Module
> Part Number: S30810-Q2327-X100 with billing tone detection
> Part Number: S30810-Q2327-X101 without billing tone detection
> Part Number: S30810-Q2327-X182 ****** only, without billing tone detection
> 8 analog Ports
> Supported from HiPath 4000 V3.0
> Supported by AP 3300, AP 3700, AP 3300 IP and AP 3700 IP
> No spe**** card distribution rules, complies with the standard rules.
The TMANI is a new analog trunk module that replaces the analog trunk modules TM2LP and TMC16 in HiPath 4000.
It is based on the TMANI board developed for the HiPath 3800.
The TMANI supports the following line protocols:
> HKZ: same loop start protocol supported by TM2LP for the entire world
> DID Italy: DID protocol (Direct Inward Dial) supported by TM2LP for Italy
> DID Belgium: DID protocol supported by TM2LP for Belgium
> Ground for USA: ground start protocol supported by TMC16 for USA
> Loop for USA: loop start protocol supported by TMC16 for USA
> CAMA for USA: CAMA trunk protocol for emergency calls
In addition, the TMANI provides the following features:
> Clip Detection (Calling Line Identification Presentation)
> Busy Tone Detection
> Dial Tone Detection in TMANI board, not in SIU board
> DTMF Generation in TMANI board, not in SIU board
> DTMF Detection in TMANI board, not in SIU board
> MF CAMA Generation for emergency calls in E911 network (for caller identification)
Description of the new features:
> CLIP Detection:
The TMANI can receive various calling line information from the exchange or central office (calling number, calling
name, call type, etc.) and forward it to the HiPath 4000. Almost all on-hook CLIP protocols for DTMF or FSK are be
supported. This is a new feature for HiPath 4000 - almost all (local and global) competitors are offering this feature.
> Busy Tone Detection:
This feature detects the spe**** tone sent by the exchange or CO when a subscriber outside the PBX releases a call
(backward release). When the busy tone is detected, the call will be disconnected automatically. This is a new feature
for HiPath 4000.
> MF CAMA Generation:
This is required in order to comply with the CAMA protocol. The TMANI generates spe**** multi-frequency digits to
provide the caller identification necessary for emergency calls in the E911 network. This is a new feature for analog
trunks in HiPath 4000.
> Dial Tone Detection*:
Feature used to detect the dial tone sent by the exchange/CO when an analog connection is set up.
> DTMF Generation*:
The TMANI can generate DTMF signals (digits) during outgoing calls.
> DTMF Detection*:
The TMANI can detect DTMF digits in incoming calls (for DID protocols).
* The TMANI does not need a SIU for these functions, as it has on-board DTMF transmitters and receivers.
The TMANI also includes the general features of the previous line cards it replaces:
> Disconnection supervision for ground/loop start trunks
> Billing tone detectors: 12kHz/16kHz (only X100 variant, the 50Hz billing tone is not supported)
> Pulse dialling support (for rotary dial telephones)
Country-specific settings:
> Spe**** ringback tone and dial tone cadences for each country
> Ground start / loop start hardware support for North American countries.
> Silent reversal is supported (can be switched on or off).
> Different CLIP protocol variants for different countries.
> No spe**** hardware variants are planned for different countries.

20.05.2019, 10:28
TLANI TMANI а может АТСа не той системы (