02.11.2011, 13:22
Всем привет,

Искал по форуму и нашел одну тему по поводу AB & CP. но к сожалению нет ответа на проблему:
"The system could not load the from application the server. Please check the connection to the server and try again"

Все работало, вдруг не стало работать(причем нечего не менялось).

В папке есть несколько конфигурациий открываются некоторые но не та каторая работает.

Если кто знает как бороться, подскажите.

Заранее Всх благодарю за советы

CP 04.04.04 - AB

02.11.2011, 13:44
AB-ром с более поздними версиями приложения на CP открывались?

02.11.2011, 15:19
С более поздними версиями не пробывал. Но эта версия работала

02.11.2011, 17:05
Cannot create applications with Application Builder
Document Id: KB97950512
Last Modified Date: 11-21-2010
Support Goal(s): CallPilot
Access Level: Public
Description (Problem Clarification)

Unable to create new applications using Application builder.
CallPilot has been recently installed and never created an application.

Each time when trying to create a new application getting an error:
The system could not load the application from the server. Please check the connection to the server and try again.

Then the application seems to be created and each time the new application that will be created is the next than the failed one.

PEPs installed on the system:
SU05, G16C, G09S, G14S, G18S, 011S, SP2, 002S
AppBuilder: G16A

ED. file cannot be found on the server.

Resolution Plan

1. Get a full backup of system before making any changes.

2. Copy default.ed file from your 600r lab system to the following directory

3 Once file has been copied over into uprog folder, then test building an
application in application builder. Get screen shot of apps that
appear in application builder, after default ed file as been added.

4. Try and create new application in application builder. Whither successful
or not, run repopulate and reboot system and then try to build a new

02.11.2011, 17:14
Спасибо за информацию.