11.11.2008, 22:46
У кого-то получалось настроить синхронизацию между Primary и Alternate NRS, если они разных релизов? В данном случае Primary 5.5 Alternate 4.5?

12.11.2008, 08:53
Буквально вчера тоже смотрели на это дело и вот что говорит производитель:

Solution Detail

NRS Database Synch Failure.


Problem Description
In a multi-node CS1000 environment, there is often a Primary NRS, Alternate NRS, and multiple FailSafe NRS units defined. The Primary NRS database is transferred to the Alternate and FailSafe units so that in the event of a single failure, network call routing can continue.

NTP 553-3001-213 IP Peer Networking discusses the configuration possibilities, but fails to mention that each NRS must be on the same major revision of software. I.e. all 4.00.xx or all on 4.50.xx. NRS units on different revisions CANNOT synchronize databases because of the internal database passwords. This design method is used to prevent newer database versions from corrupting older versions.

The NTP can be found online at http://www130.nortelnetworks.com/go/main.jsp?cscat=DOCDETAIL&DocumentOID=189705.
Problem Resolution
The only available option is to upgrade each NRS to the same revision of software.
Affected Products
Enterprise VoIP Core Signaling Server
Enterprise VoIP Core CS 1000E 04.50W

12.11.2008, 12:49
Ясно. Я так и предполагал. Будем синхронизировать руцями.