14.10.2008, 15:24
Есть ли у кого-то part number переходника с 15 на 25 пин (для соединения кабелей SDCH-ITG) или схема :)

14.10.2008, 17:10
Page 286 of 644 Install and configure IP Trunk 3.01 (and later) node

NTWE04AC/AD SDI/DCH Meridian 1 Option 11C
Cabinet/CS 1000M Cabinet extension cable
The NTWE04AC and the NTWE04AD are 10-ft and 1-ft DCHIP extension cables, respectively. They connect Port 1 or Port 3 of the DCHIP SDI/DCH cable used on the Meridian 1 Option 11C Cabinet/CS 1000M Cabinet(NTAK19BA or equivalent) with the DCHIP NTMF29Bx face-plate cable.