26.09.2008, 14:26
какой командой перезагружается сигнальник из консоли?

26.09.2008, 22:48
tornado (vxworks) User’s Guide
2.6.8 Rebooting
When VxWorks is running, there are several way you can reboot VxWorks.
Rebooting by any of these means restarts the attached target server on the host as
* Enter CTRL+X from the Tornado shell or a target console. (You can change this
character to something else if you wish; see 5.7 Tcl: Shell Interpretation, p.198.)
* Invoke reboot( ) from the Tornado shell.
* Press the reset button on the target system.
* Turn the target’s power off and on.
When you reboot VxWorks in any of these ways, the auto-boot sequence begins
again from the countdown.