19.12.2007, 12:23
Добрый день!
Не подскажите что это такое - плата ITG для Нортелоовских станций и для чего она нужна, в чем преимущества. Спасибо.

19.12.2007, 12:34
The Meridian Integrated IP Telephony Gateway (ITG) system performs the
following actions:
• compresses PCM voice
• demodulates Group 3 fax
• routes the packetized data over a private internet, or intranet
• provides virtual analog ISDN Signalling Link (ISL) TIE trunks between
Meridian 1 ESN nodes
• enables interworking with other Nortel VoIP products such as CS
1000M, and Business Communication Manager (BCM)
IP Trunk 3.01 (and later) routes voice traffic over existing private IP network
facilities with available under-used bandwidth on the private WAN backbone.

19.12.2007, 12:41