21.09.2007, 09:22
Тут слышал, что М3904 возможно подключать к компу через какой-то адаптер. Подскажите какие функции будут доступны от такого соединения?

21.09.2007, 09:51
Computer Telephony Integration Adapter (CTIA)
The Computer Telephony Integration Adapter (CTIA), along with the desktop TAPI Service Provider software, provides an interface to connect a PC to the M3900 Series Digital Telephone. This enables PC applications to monitor or control the M3900 telephone for first-party (individual) call control type applications. The CTIA integrates the PC and the telephone, allowing more effective management of calls using PC applications such as Microsoft Outlook™.

The CTIA cartridge provides the user:
• connectivity to the PC
• voice call control, using the TAPI SP software included with the CTIA Telephone Application Programming Interface (TAPI) software

21.09.2007, 09:58
а еще In addition to the TAPI software which is included with the CTIA, you may wish to purchase the Personal Directory PC Utility Software. The Personal Directory PC Utility software uses your CTIA Cartridge to connect your PC and M3904 telephone so that you may exchange data between your PC and your telephone’s directory.
The Personal Directory PC Utility software provides a faster, easier way to create or modify a Personal Directory on the M3904 and M3905 telephones.