20.03.2007, 10:25
Что-то не выходит каменный цветок.
После fdlf 17 12 получаем ошибку.

Что имеется в виду под фразой "Try to download to the card by using the appropriate enablecommand".

SDL2110 REASON 1, 3904(17 0 0 12 ), VERSION 89, MAINT MODE.
SDL2110 e hw a v m Failed to download software to device. Where: e(cause of the
error) can be:
1 = Acknowledgment timeout error 2 = Peripheral Software (PSW)version orchecksum
error 3 = PSW record checksum error 4 = PSW record format
5 = Card firmware state error hw (card name) can be: XNET (Network
XPEC (Peripheral Controller), etc.a (card address) can be:
Loop for Network Card, Network/DTR Card
XPEC # (loop shelf) for Peripheral Controllerv is the PSW versionm can be:
FAST MODE (from initialization)
MAINT MODE (by ENLL command in LD 30)
BKGD MODE (second attempt after initialization from backgroundprogram)
Hw (3902,3903,3904,3905) for Taurus flash download, e (cause of thefor Taurus SD
L cards) can be:
1- Timeout (Taurus TN did not respond)
2- Error detected in overall checksum
3- Error detected in packet data checksum
4- Error detected in the format of the specified record.
5- Invalid page number received.
17- Flash memory cannot be erased. In this case the memory pagewill always
18- Error detected while programming flash memory device. Thenumber will reflect
the record number that was being programmedinto theflash when the error occurre
19- An application is currently active. Download cannot proceed atthis time.
20- Verification byte is incorrect.other, ?, 50 (where ? means the reason number
is less than 0) =
Action: Try to download to the card by using the appropriate enablecommand.
Severity: Minor. Critical to Monitor: No. SNMP trap: Yes

20.03.2007, 12:36
ВЫключи-включи и сделай fdlf TN :)

20.03.2007, 14:41
Странно, делал так несколько раз, не помогало... даже узнавал по поводу ремонта. Потом через полчаса воткнул в другую карту и аппарат прошился удачно.

P.S. Секретарша призналась, что вытаскивала из розетки... :rolleyes: