23.03.2005, 05:25
Здравствуйте!Подскажите,как сменить пароль в PDT.Нашёл ссылку http://bbs.radiolink.ru/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=18632&highlight=%EF%E0%F0%EE%EB%FC+pdt ,там упоминается документ System Security
Management Publication number: 553-3001-302, раздел System access security features Page 99 of 220. У себя его не нашёл.Если у кого есть,вышлите,пожалуйста,на ckss@mail.ru ,или объясните в рамках форума. Спасибо.
P.S. Релизы на станциях 25.15, 25.40, 3.0 .

23.03.2005, 08:00
Resetting the Passwords
On Large Systems, an install disk must be placed in the floppy drive. Either
drive can be used. On a CP PII system, only the drive on the active side can
be used.
For Small Systems, the faceplate dip switch is used. Turn on the switch that
corresponds to the next baud rate lower than it is currently set to and do not
turn off the current switch. The two switches directly beside each other on the
faceplate will be on.
Ensure that only two switches are on at any one time. Having three switches
or more will cause an invalid condition and it will not be possible to
communicate with the switch.
After the disk is inserted, or the dip switch is turned on, use the following
procedure to reset the password.
Procedure 2
Reset the password
1 Enter PDT using the site id as the password. For Small Systems, use
the security id as the password.
2 At the PDT prompt, type passwd.
3 When prompted for the current level 2 password, enter the tape id. For
the Small System, enter the security id. PDT passwords are case
sensitive, must be 6 to 16 characters long, and the level 1 and 2
passwords must be different.
To accept a password without changing it, press the <enter> key when
prompted to enter a new password.
4 Enter the new level 2 and level 1 PDT passwords when prompted.
5 Remove the disk or power down the switch.
6 Exit PDT.
7 Verify the passwords by entering PDT with the current passwords.

по поводу 25.15 - сомнения (ежели не ошибаюсь - для смены пароля требуется патчик)

17.11.2005, 13:16
Решил для безопасности поменять пароли в PDT, слишком они стали известны, в 25.40b поменял, а в 25.15 не хочет. Ни кто не может выслать патчик для этого дела. :)

18.11.2005, 10:53
И мне,пожалуйста. ckss@mail.ru